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"We should never regret the things we do…..just the things we don't do"
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Elephant Canvas ~ Inspired by Elmer the Elephant


This is a canvas my 7 year old daughter made. My Mum passed away last year and I thought it would be nice for her to make a collage to help her through her grief. We went on a hunt around the house and included some special papers in the collage. In particular we found an inscription in a book that my Mum had written to her, which has special significance. We scanned the original in, printed it out and then cut it up. It’s sort of like a patchwork quilt without the sewing…..Inspired by a children’s book Elmer the Elephant ♥




Use a cloth to help get the cloudy texture.




Use scissors to distress the edge. Just adds a bit of texture and interest.


Use a square hole punch to punch out the squares and then stick down with double sided tape.



Then turn it over and trim the edge to make neat.



Use Modposge or gel medium to stick it down. Apply a thin coat to the canvas, stick down and then apply another thin coat over the top.




Not a 100% done yet….more finishing touches to come ♥

Love You to the Rainbow and Back Again…


When I think of my children and my late Mum, I think of a Rainbow. A RAINBOW is a symbol of hope and light. Next time you look at a RAINBOW, think of someone you love. A RAINBOW is a spectrum of luminous coloured light, that appears when the sunlight catches the rain. It often comes in the calm of a storm. It is not tangible. We cannot touch it. And so the legend states, it has a Pot of Gold at the end. But no one knows where it begins or ends. Life is a journey…..Never regret the things we do….Just the things we don’t.

Rainbow300dpi Small for Web

Above is a collage of precious papers, materials, old letters and maps etc… I have collected over the years…….. it has helped me to heal and aid the grieving process, after the loss of my Mum ♥♥♥

Rainbow300dpi Small for Web

I have the best job in the world…….well it’s not really a job at all. I am a Mother, Graphic Designer, Early Childhood/Support Worker and like to dapple in Photography. I am passionate about Education and Mindfulness. I love Art and all things Creative.  I hope this blog will inspire other people to Create and Live a Mindful Life.

This blog is dedicated to my children and my Mum ♥

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
Pablo Picasso


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