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Bucket Full of Rainbows Dad Rocks How To

Click on the link below to choose your graphic. This is ideal for a class, as it is an A4 sheet with multiple graphics. I have included the phrase “Dad Rocks” or “You Rock”, for children that may not have a Father figure in their life.

Once you have printed out your graphic from a laser printer, you then cut it out and place clear contact over the surface of the graphic. You can use sticky tape or packing tape if you do not have contact. (Ensure the whole graphic is covered). Then soak in water and start rubbing. You will find that a few seconds after being submerged in water the paper starts to peel off the back, leaving the image on the clear contact. Like pictured below.

Dad Rocks You Rock Boat Graphic

Dad Rocks You Rock with Car Graphic

Bucket Full of Rainbows Dad Rocks How To Soaking in Water

Once you have removed the paper backing you can pat dry with a cloth. I then used a white glue, like mod podge or wood glue to stick the image onto the rocks. I usually coat the whole rock in glue, then lay down the contact and then paint over the contacted image, trying to remove any air bubbles. We added some dot painting using cotton tips and added a little sparkle by blinging it up with kindy glitz (chrystalina).

Bucket Full of Rainbows Dad Rocks 2


Rainbow300dpi Small for Web

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