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  1. Use some old shoes ~ make sure you clean them up.
  2. Cut up some small strips of material or thin strips of paper and glue onto the shoes, using Mod Podge or Gel Medium.
  3. I started at the inside top first. Then worked my way from the bottom up. If the shoes are ultra curvy you can snip some little slits to help mold the material around.
  4. Using your Mod podge or Gel Medium, paint a small section at a time in a thin layer and then stick the material down and paint another layer. Work your way around the shoe. Don’t worry if it looks cloudy, it WILL DRY CLEAR.
  5. I glued over the eyelets and was not too fussy about being to neat on the bottom edge, as I cut it off later.
  6. Once you have covered the shoes in it’s entirety, let it dry.
  7. Once dry, use your silent setter, hole punch or drill and punch holes if required. Trim excess, using a blade to make the bottom edge look neat.
  8. OPTIONAL ~ Then spray with a clear FLEXIBLE varnish. It must be flexible, to enable your shoes to flex and move. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Take all necessary precautions, read and follow the labels. I wore a mask, at this stage, so I did not inhale the fumes.
  9. If your shoes have laces, you can funk them up. I only had food colouring in the cupboard and some old white laces. So I used Pillar Box Red to dye my shoe laces pink. I then added some ribbon on the bottom and painted on some fabric stiffener to the ribbon, just to give it some extra durability.
  10. I lined the soles with some 100% Cotton Drill Fabric.

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