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Dolphin Canvas Complete


Dolphin Canvas CompleteDSC_0704It’s finally complete. My daughter added a few stickers a black outline and a bit more paint….What a great job she has done.

Dolphin Canvas from a 6 year old


This is my 6 year old’s canvas. Her favourite or favorite (depending on which part of the world you come from) animal is a dolphin. This project is not complete yet.


Start by cutting out your shape. There are plenty of templates online. I printed the template out from the computer and put the special paper underneath and then she cut it out. To stop the template from slipping, you can use sticky tape or blutac.



Then work out a rough placement


Paint a canvas





and start sticking. you could use gel medium or modpodge for the collaging.


If you have not done collaging before ~ its easy. Just apply a thin layer of gel medium or modpodge, stick your item down and then apply another thin layer over the top. You can build up the layers, depending on what effect you are trying to create. Just let each layer dry first.


Then using pencils, paints, crayons or anything you like….finish it off.



now the basics are down, it is to be continued…..

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