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Teddy Bear Masks ~ How To


Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Mask How To

Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Mask How To v4

   Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Mask Template


Paper Plate/s




Coloured Paper


Glue, Sticky Tape or Staples



  1. Scribble on a paper plate with a crayon.
  2. Paint all over
  3. Scratch with a fork to get texture
  4. Embellish by using the template    Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Mask Template
  5. Cut out ears and nose/mouth
  6. Stick on nose/mouth, and ears. You can staple the ears.
  7. Cut out eyes if you wish or draw them on. Then add elastic for back of mask.

Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Masks How Crayon Scribble

Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Masks How To Fork Scratch


Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Mask How To v2

Bucket Full of Rainbows Bear Mask How To v3

Dad Rock’s Father’s Day Paper Weight


Bucket Full of Rainbows Dad Rocks How To

Click on the link below to choose your graphic. This is ideal for a class, as it is an A4 sheet with multiple graphics. I have included the phrase “Dad Rocks” or “You Rock”, for children that may not have a Father figure in their life.

Once you have printed out your graphic from a laser printer, you then cut it out and place clear contact over the surface of the graphic. You can use sticky tape or packing tape if you do not have contact. (Ensure the whole graphic is covered). Then soak in water and start rubbing. You will find that a few seconds after being submerged in water the paper starts to peel off the back, leaving the image on the clear contact. Like pictured below.

Dad Rocks You Rock Boat Graphic

Dad Rocks You Rock with Car Graphic

Bucket Full of Rainbows Dad Rocks How To Soaking in Water

Once you have removed the paper backing you can pat dry with a cloth. I then used a white glue, like mod podge or wood glue to stick the image onto the rocks. I usually coat the whole rock in glue, then lay down the contact and then paint over the contacted image, trying to remove any air bubbles. We added some dot painting using cotton tips and added a little sparkle by blinging it up with kindy glitz (chrystalina).

Bucket Full of Rainbows Dad Rocks 2


How To ~ Father’s Day Tie


How to Fathers Day Tie v2 Bucket Full of Rainbows Fathers Day Tie


Click on the link below to print out your tie template. I laid the template over the top of the cardboard and then you can cut them out with scissors or a blade.

Tie Template Fathers Day Bucket Full of Rainbows

Click on the phrases below. It includes “Happy Father’s Day” and ” You are Special” This has multiple phrases, suitable for a class situation.

Fathers Day and You are Special Phrase for the Tie Bucket Full of Rainbows

Bucket Full of Rainbows Fathers Day Tie v2 Bucket Full of Rainbows Fathers Day Tie v3

How to Dye Pasta ~ Pasta Necklace


How to Dye Pasta

Dyed Pasta Necklace 2


Dyed Pasta


3 Tsp of White Vinegar

2 Tsp of Food Colouring

3 Big Handfuls of Dried Pasta



Mix all ingredients together in a snap lock bag or takeaway tontainer

Pour onto absorbent paper towel and let dry completely


Use threading  materials to make a necklace. I used paper, straws and aluminium foil.


Dyed Pasta Necklace 1


Dyed Pasta Necklace 4b


Dyed Pasta Necklace 3b

Dyed Pasta Necklace 2b

Dyed Pasta Necklace 5b



I feel so fortunate and blessed. I had a chance meeting several weeks ago and met an amazingly talented lady called Maria Chatzinikolaki. You can find her here http://www.mariachatzinikolaki.com.au/ Maria Chatzinikolaki

I have been lucky enough to go and visit her studio today and she shared some of her amazing skills, talent and time with me. Things happen for a reason…… and it was a joy to meet her. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INSPIRING ME TODAY, MARIA. I had a wonderful day filled with conversation, fun, relaxation and JOY! ♥ THANK YOU!

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I found this amazing vimeo video on how to make origami koi



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Yarn Bombing


A_HeavinessYarn Bombing


Liz Tran would have to be my favourite artist ever. I am so attracted to her beautiful use of colour, pattern and freedom. Thank you Liz, for totally inspiring me. When I look at your artwork, it makes me happy, even if the subject matter may be heavy……

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TOTALLY Inspired By Liz Tran


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Happy Mother’s Day ~ Digital Collage Machine


Mothers Day



To all the Mum’s out there “Happy Mother’s Day”. This art was made with the National Gallery of Art ~ Collage Software. I’m sure kids of all ages will love this online collage program. Keep in mind you need to have the latest version of Adobe Shockwave.


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Bird House Pencil Sharpener


Pencil Sharpener


Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. I made a quick dash in a second hand store today and made an incidental discovery….this gorgeous bird house pencil sharpener. I took it home and gave it a wash…….Voooooolah! It works a treat! My girls are enamored with it.

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